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Fraenkel Facility Services

.... who we are?


Our family has been involved in the cleaning services industry since 2011.
At first, my husband Marcus, in Vienna, worked in the management of a cleaning service provider.
In 2012, in addition to his work, he attended the cleaning academy, Wiener Gebaeudereinigungs Akademie, in Vienna, Austria and obtained his bachelor's degree in Cleaning Services in 2013.
In 2016 we founded our Viennese company and were able to quickly build up a satisfied customer base by providing high-quality service. By 2018 our company had over 40 workers.

Our US Treasure Coast cleaning company was founded in 2019 and it is based in Stuart Florida.
Due to COVID 19, we had to close our European companies and we now concentrate in our adopted homeland.
Our goal is to combine European precision with American diligence and thereby set new standards.
Try us; we are always at your disposal for a one on one conversation!

Your Fraenkel family

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