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How janitorial services promote a healthy work environment

In times of SARS-COV2, people's awareness has been heightened to pay more attention to hygiene. Diligent hand washing, wearing a mask, and constant disinfecting was not an everyday occurrence for many people until 2020 when the corona pandemic brought more awareness of these invisible enemy.

Nowadays, cleaning companies have an even more important and responsible job. From one day to the next, surfaces were drowned with liters of disinfectant, plexiglass walls were erected, and chlorine use was all around us..

Even before COVID, it was the task of janitorial services to safeguard people from infections, to preserve the quality of most surfaces, and to protect the environment. Yes, these are actually the main points that good janitorial services should meet. Being “pure” and “shining” comes naturally when the janitorial crew are trained professionals.

You will notice the difference with Fraenkel Facility Services; our craft involves much more than just "wiping" surfaces ... we preserve the integrity of your surfaces, make sure effectively kill bacteria and viruses and afterward, we also think about the disposal of our chemicals, thus preserving our environment’s health as well.

Take your time when choosing your janitorial services, and also question them about what is included in their offer. Usually, requesting them to explain and break down work processes or how the store practices are in their daily cleaning is a good indication of how the company is trained and positioned.

Feel free to ask us any questions in order to be able to assess the cleaning service staff and to check whether this can be a professional partner for your business.

We are always at your disposal for questions, requests, and tips!

The Team at Fraenkel Facility Services LLC is at your service

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