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Use the pandemic as an opportunity to improve an industry

As a Cleaning Master trained in Europe, I noticed many differences in professional cleaning habits between Europe and the USA.

Not only different chemicals and tools are used in USA, but also similar tools are being used differently.

Here are some examples:

For more efficient elimination of bacteria and germs

In recent months, I have seen advertising for a wide variety of fogging machines for disinfecting surfaces. These machines may do a good job, but few customers know that thorough cleaning is necessary beforehand, otherwise, the fog disinfection process will not work optimally.

  • Avoidance of trans-surface re-germination

I see microfiber towels/rags in gyms in the most dazzling colors, mostly in yellow, red, blue, green, and white.

As a professional, I find it very difficult not to be in shock…why? Because all these colors have meaning in professional cleaning industry. For instance, red color towels/rags must only be used for places where there may be contact with feces. I just happened to read an article yesterday about a deadly E-Coli bacterium that is currently flooding the US. This can be easily avoided by implementing the international color system.

  • Cleaning of surfaces efficiently

In the US, 95% of mops used are fringe mops with scouring strips. We only use flat-mobs and there is a reason for that. With the regular scouring strips mop, the dirt is just being scattered from one side to the other. It cannot specifically absorb dirt and water, and it do not have any contact-pressure; which means that no stubborn dirt can be removed from surfaces.

  • Optimal Window cleaning

Cleaning windows is an important service, especially in hot places with many hours of sunshine impact. I noticed that the focus was only glass cleaning. Of course, a clear view must be ensured, but what about the material encasing this glass; why is it not being maintained? All the window cleaning we do here in Florida includes window-frame cleaning to preserve its integrity, for a complete clean-look, and to make it last for as long as it is meant to last.

As you can see, there are many points to consider and to improve upon. Times of pandemic can put our cleaning industry in a better light.

I am happy to answer any questions and talks at any time!

Marcus Fraenkel

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